Healthcare Analytics

The Advantage of Meaningful Metrics

Behind the real-time visibility that Versus provides lies an enormous amount of data. Previously unattainable, but now easily accessible, our RTLS analytics help you compare your operations against healthcare benchmarks.

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Enterprise RTLS Case Study

"Versus is very good; multi-dimensional. You have the front end that shows all the real-time displays so staff know what needs to happen next. But while that's occurring, behind the scenes, there's a tremendous amount of data that's being recorded. It's the ability to capture that info and to be able to recreate it any given day, any given month for trending, for drill-down info. Management needs that data to improve process flow."

Steve Willis
Clinical Applications System Analyst
PeaceHealth System Services

Key-Whitman Eye Center

Using Data to Improve Your Practice

“The power of the technology allows us to evaluate business processes by taking hundreds and even thousands of data points to create a customized workflow for each operating environment. The advantage to putting systems such as RTLS in place is the ability to measure before, during, and after changes … We were able to successfully increase the number of patients each day to our schedule by 8–12% without adding additional wait time to the patient.”

Susan Thomas, COE
Director of Operations

Acuity Specialty Hospital

Patient Satisfaction Case Study

“If a patient says that no one has been in the room for six hours or that a call light has been going off for 45 minutes, we can check on that … It is essential to have [technology] like this in this day and age where reimbursement is based on satisfaction.”

Chris Heilman, RN, BSN
Chief Clinical Officer

More Case Studies

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The Versus RTLS automatically, objectively and accurately documents hard-to-capture performance metrics such as:

  • Equipment Utilization Rates
  • Patient Wait Times
  • Door-to-Doctor Times
  • Overall Length of Stay
  • Plus much more

With our Reports Plus™ Analytics software, you can use this valuable business intelligence to:

  • Reveal patient flow bottlenecks
  • Track trending data per stage of care or department
  • Compare performance against hospital and healthcare benchmarks
  • Assess equipment utilization and fleet management
  • Track potential exposure to contagious disease or infection
  • Plus much more in over 40 total standard reports (or build your own reports)
Reports Plus™ Analytics

Our Reports Plus™ Analytics software includes more than 40 standard reports.

If you want a patient flow system that not only keeps up with process changes, but gives you the data to implement continuous improvement, schedule an RTLS demonstration today.

Real ROI from real clients

  • Reduced IV Pump fleet by 26%, saving $2.7 million
  • Improved emergency department wait times by 75%
  • Reduced Physician to Bed times by 52%
  • Reduced overall length of stay by 34%
  • Decreased average post-op time by 5-10 minutes

More ROI

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