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Everyone benefits from RTLS

The benefits of automating patient flow and quickly locating patients, staff and equipment extend to all members of the healthcare environment.

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Hospital Case Study

"What a blessing the Versus system is to chaplains! Much of my work is in support of ED staff and physicians when they are going through difficult personal or professional crises of their own. There are many times when it is not appropriate to ask the charge nurse or unit coordinator where someone is at, as that can leave them asking the person I am looking for ‘Did the chaplain find you?'

Before Versus, I used to wander through the ED, casually looking for an employee that I knew may need some extra support.

Now, I just look up on the screen and I can quickly see where they are and wait discreetly nearby until they are free."

Chaplain Dick Cathell, Ph.D., BCC
St. Joseph Hospital

Allegiance Health

Imaging Services Case Study

"We use the Versus system every day. But on those crazy, bad days--that’s when we really appreciate it. On those days we use [RTLS location information] to place probably 60% of our calls."

Lyn Shoquist
Supervisor & Database Administrator
Patient Scheduling

More Case Studies

For nearly two decades, we’ve received positive feedback from:

Biomedical Engineers

Infection Control Managers

Pharmacy Techs

  • Know exactly when patients are ready for medication so you don’t mix it too early or too late
  • Monitor medication temperature in real-time
  • Be alerted if temps reach unacceptable levels

Transport Volunteers

Environmental Services


  • Staff can easily find you – be available without hovering
  • Discretely check on those who may need your support

Social Workers

  • Quickly run reports to identify patient-staff interactions
  • Know who to interview for case reports
  • Quickly find needed specialty equipment (translator, hearing device, etc.)

If you need an RTLS solution that works for everyone, not just one department, contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

Real ROI from real clients

  • Staff satisfaction scores rose 26-38%
  • Increased preventative maintenance rates on assets to 98-99th percentile
  • Improved staff morale in behavioral health department thanks to Staff Assist mobile panic button
  • Zero loss of tagged assets
  • Reduced phone calls by 75%

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