Systems Integration

Automate Data Entry & Display Disparate Data

You need an integrated approach to healthcare; disparate systems just aren’t going to cut it. EHRs, Scheduling Systems, Asset Management Software, Laboratory Platforms and more can be automated and integrated with RTLS.

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Versus excels at healthcare systems integration.

Our track record of success includes integrations with:

  • Epic
  • Cerner
  • GE Healthcare
  • Picis
  • McKesson
  • Iatric Systems
  • TeleTracking®
  • Four Rivers® Software
  • Cooper-Atkins® TempTrak
  • DOD
  • IBM® Maximo™
  • SourceMedical™
  • Premise
  • Allscripts™
  • ProModel
  • CaraFlow
  • Imprivata®
  • Ascom

Beyond simple tracking, Versus enables clinical workflow automation in virtually any system your healthcare facility uses.

Want to automate your existing software? No problem:

Want to show data from your existing systems on Versus’ Enterprise View™? It’s part of most Advantages™ implementations. We bring together previously disparate data including:

  • Patient name and appointment time from scheduling
  • Patient acuity from EHR
  • Labs ordered/completed from lab system
  • X-rays ordered/complete from imaging system

Versus Enterprise View™ brings together previously disparate data from scheduling, EHR, lab, and imaging systems.

If you’re tired of systems that don’t play nice, contact Versus today to see how we can be the referee.

What price do you put on your nurses' time?

"The clinicians love [the Versus-Epic integration]. They love the rapid transfer response time. By the time the nurse logs on to her computer at the bedside, the patient is already loaded in her list and she can do her assessment. She doesn’t have to wait for the secretary to bed the patient."

Terri Niepokny Support Analyst
Memorial Hospital Miramar

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