infection control

Infection Control

Track Compliance and Contamination with RTLS

Through no fault of your own, the hospital and other clinical environments are teeming with the opportunity to spread infection. Minimize the risk and control the spread with RTLS.

Versus RTLS Helps Stop Spread of MERS Virus

When the first U.S. case of the deadly MERS virus arrived at Community Hospital in Munster, Ind., management didn’t have to guess at who came into contact with the contagious patient, thanks in part to RTLS technology from Versus

“The CDC was particularly impressed and thrilled that they had data on the exact amount of contact per provider, which is data they never had before in any investigation of this type …”

Alan Kumar, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer
Community Hospital

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Pacific Medical Centers

Patient Flow Case Study

"From a more direct safety aspect, Versus allows us to track potential exposed patients. If a patient comes into the clinic and is later diagnosed with an infectious illness, such as tuberculosis, mumps or chickenpox, we can run a simple report that shows us any patients or staff who were in close contact long enough to be potentially exposed. Doctors can then make informed treatment decisions for those individuals."

Linda Eremic, RN
Former Director
Primary Care and Shared Services


Asset Tracking Case Study

Central services staff uses Versus to verify that equipment has appropriately progressed from “dirty, clean and holding” zones before returned to use. This aids their reporting requirements and reduces risk of contagions spreading on equipment surfaces.

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Monitor Hand Hygiene Compliance in Real-time

Of course you know that hand washing is the first and best line of defense against contagions. But how often do staff really wash their hands, and are they doing it at the right times? With Versus Advantages™ Hand Hygiene Safety, you’ll know.

Control the Spread of Infection by Identifying Exposure

When a patient is found to have a contagious infection, determining everyone who may have been exposed can be time-consuming and costly.

With Versus Advantages, interactions between patients, staff and equipment are automatically recorded. Using the Exposure Control reports in our Reports Plus™ Analytics software, you'll know immediately who (and what equipment) was exposed, and to what degree.

No more guessing — easily locate, notify, test and treat only those who came into contact with the contagion.

Plus, direct your disinfection efforts to the rooms and equipment exposed.

Effectively Manage an Epidemic

Are you prepared to handle an influx of patients should an epidemic occur? The Versus Advantages patient flow system can help you:

  • Manage a surge of patients with our patient flow software
  • Communicate which patients are contagious
  • Communicate which patients are at heightened risk (i.e. pregnant or elderly)
  • Clearly mark isolation areas on unit floorplan views
  • Identify significant and casual contacts between patients and staff
  • Direct disinfection efforts to the areas and equipment exposed

If you need an ally in the fight against healthcare-associated infections, contact Versus today.

Real infection control, real clients, real ROI

  • Increased hand hygiene compliance by over 100%
  • Captured 1000x more records of hand wash usage over manual observance
  • Reduced time and expense notifying patients of possible exposure to contagions
  • Reduced risk of spreading contagions on hospital medical equipment

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