Spend More Time in Direct Patient Care with RTLS

RTLS takes work off your plate by reducing manual data entry, phone calls, endless walking, and the time you spend searching for staff and equipment … we promise.

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Hospital Case Study

"The system is very intuitive. Everyone utilizes it. There’s no way to explain what a difference it makes being able to communicate automatically via the virtual boards."

Becky Moore, RN
Labor & Delivery Unit

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Boston Globe Article

"The ability to locate patients and providers right away has already been a big benefit. Instead of spending time searching the floor, we can look at the screen and know right away where to find the patient or provider we’re looking for. It’s a simple thing, but it makes a world of difference when you see 250 patients a day."

Clare Sullivan, BSN, MPH
Nurse Program Leader, Dana 9

Columbus Regional Hospital

Enterprise Locating Case Study

"My nurses have become more efficient since wearing badges for locating. It has reduced the amount of time spent looking for one another so we can better focus on the needs of our patients. We never had the ability to verify a nurse’s activity relative to patient calls or complaints. Now we do! Reporting details show actual nurse activity. This solidifies what nurses are doing and verifies interactions with the patient and response to patient calls."

Debbie McCarter
Nurse Manager, Med-Surg Unit

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Versus values nurses and the hard work you do on the front lines of healthcare. That’s why we have RNs on staff to help us refine our system for your — and your patients' — benefit.

RTLS allows you to locate staff and patient care equipment at a glance, without running up and down the unit or making phone calls. And, with our Staff Assist software, you can call for assistance from anywhere.

Plus,your Versus badge will free you from doing mundane tasks so you can spend more time with patients. Versus Advantages™ can automate:

  • Nurse call cancellation — your presence in the patient room cancels the call, no button pushing necessary
  • Patient status, including rounding alerts — know which patients to see and when, without having to walk the halls or check your watch
  • Lab, X-ray, medication completion notification — no more endless phone calls or follow-up to check the status of orders
  • Room availability — update room status automatically, without manually updating software, calling to see if a bed is free, or calling to report availability
  • Discharge alerts to housekeeping — rooms are cleaned and made available more quickly, phone call free
  • Caregiver assignments — know who is responsible for the patient without additional research
  • Documenting time spent with patients — validate the time you spend in patient care
nurses viewing board

Versus Glance-and-Go™ boards provide caregivers quick access to critical patient information from any screen in your department.

If you’re tired of wondering who’s behind Curtain Number 2 and the never-ending "Where’s my next patient?" game, contact Versus today.

Real ROI from real clients

  • Saved each nurse 1 mile per day in extra steps
  • Reduced phone calls by 75%
  • Reduced time spent searching for staff by 64%
  • Increased staff satisfaction scores by up to 38%
  • Decreased average room turnover time by 64%
  • Achieved 91% “excellent” patient satisfaction scores

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