patient flow

Patient Flow

Our RTLS Does More Than Just Patient Tracking

Whether in a hospital emergency department, operating room, surgery center or medical clinic, efficient workflow is essential in today’s "do more with less" healthcare environment. Create efficiency by tracking patient flow with RTLS.

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Pacific Medical Centers

Canyon Park Case Study

"The Versus real-time locating solution helped us design our clinic to increase patient flow by 35 to 40 percent and double net revenue projections."

Brett Daniel, MD
Medical Director, Canyon Park Clinic

Memorial Hospital Miramar

Enterprise Case Study

"We measure throughput times, wait times, doctor exam times, time to disposition, room turnover times. … We get accurate time stamps and alerts, so we can see, ‘Ok, the patient’s been sitting out there for half an hour. Why?’ Being able to capture accurate data is a huge benefit to us."

Sharon Boothe-O’Connor, System Analyst
Memorial Hospital Miramar

Virginia Mason Kirkland Clinic

Patient Experience Case Study

"We cannot improve what we cannot measure, and we cannot accept waits and delays. Now with the Versus system in place, we have location awareness, acuity awareness and time awareness, which will lead to an improved patient experience."

Kim Pittenger, MD, Medical Director
Virginia Mason Kirkland Clinic

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With the simple action of providing Versus IR-RFID badges to patients and caregivers, you’ll know at a glance:

  • Where patients are and how long they’ve been waiting
  • Patient status (ready to be seen, with physician, in X-ray, etc.)
  • Room status (available, assigned, in need of cleaning)
  • Where patients and caregivers should go next
  • Where bottlenecks are causing delays

Versus Advantages™ patient flow software drives efficiency by:

  • Reducing time spent searching for people and assets
  • Automatically communicating need-to-know information
  • Integrating EMR, Scheduling, Lab & other data into one easy-to-read electronic Glance-and-Go™ board
  • Automating data entry through healthcare systems integration
  • Providing historical analytics for continual process improvement
  • Giving team leaders the knowledge to make real-time workflow and staffing adjustments

Plus, improving patient flow and reducing waiting has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and HCAHPS.

Versus Glance-and-Go™

Versus Glance-and-Go™ boards provide caregivers quick access to critical patient information from any screen in your department.

If you’re tired of wondering who’s behind Curtain Number 2 and the never-ending "Where’s my next patient?" game, contact Versus today.

Real ROI realized with our Patient Flow software

  • Saved $180K annually through improved productivity
  • Doubled patient throughput without adding RNs
  • Reduced wait times by 98%
  • Achieved highest patient satisfaction scores in system
  • Reduced average time in post-op by 5-10 minutes
  • Doubles net profits
  • Decreased room turnover times by 64%

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