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Patient & Staff Safety

Mitigate Risks with Real-time Locating Solutions

Risks are inherent in healthcare environments. Hospital-acquired infections, patient falls, elopement, recalled medical equipment, violence against nurses — the list goes on. Reduce these risks by improving safety with RTLS.

Womack Army Medical Center

Asset Tracking Case Study

"Two years ago a particular pump was recalled due to a bad gasket and required replacement. We had to get them away from the patients immediately. We were able to run the [Versus] program and go straight to the rooms. So within an hour we had all of the recalled equipment downstairs and away from the patients where we could repair them. That's what's important."

Dale Nuxoll, Logistics Analyst Supervisor

Columbus Regional Hospital

Hospital Workflow Case Study

"We never had the capability of knowing when a staff member was in trouble before we started wearing our personnel badges. Our staff take the alert very seriously when it occurs and quickly respond. This solution to meet our safety needs is greatly appreciated by everyone."

Lori Wise
Nurse Manager, Behavioral Health

Memorial Hospital Miramar

Enterprise Case Study

"All the information that I need to manage the Emergency Department is on the ED tracking board. Automatic updates of the patient location, acuity, and color-coded icons that alert me to the staging of the patients in one location allow me to adjust staffing when and where needed, intervene when needed, promote patient safety, and the ability to get the right treatment to the right patient."

Denise Reynolds, ED Director

More Case Studies

When you select the Versus Real-time Locating System (RTLS), your hospital, clinic or surgery center will have multiple opportunities to improve safety for both patients and staff:

If you’re ready to put technology to work for patient and staff safety, contact Versus today to schedule a personal demonstration.

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The Versus Clearview™ badge allows the wearer to send an alert from any sensed area of a facility. Alerts can appear on monitors, pagers, email and smartphones.

Real patient safety advances made by real clients

  • Increased hand hygiene compliance by over 100%
  • Able to remove recalled pumps from patient care in minutes
  • Increased preventative maintenance rates on assets to 98-99th percentile
  • Improved preventative maintenance to help reduce liability due to equipment malfunction
  • Saved thousands by alerting when medications in crash carts are about to expire

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