We created our Advantages™ RTLS software suites as tools for situational awareness so you’ll know what’s happening at your facility and how to respond.

Situational Awareness

Real-time Key Performance Indicators for Healthcare

Know what’s happening right now in your hospital or healthcare facility, and be proactive in responding to escalating situations. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and Meaningful Use measurements in real-time.

Virginia Mason Kirkland

Patient Flow Case Study

"We cannot improve what we cannot measure, and we cannot accept waits and delays. Now with the Versus system in place, we have location awareness, acuity awareness and time awareness, which will lead to an improved patient experience."

Kim Pittenger, MD, Medical Director

Columbus Regional Hospital

Emergency Department Case Study

"With [Versus], everyone is aware of the status of all patients, and they all know what it means and they can easily identify who [has been] attended to and who hasn't when things become crazy. It has been a wonderful asset to the management of our patients."

Kerry Skurka
Director of Cardiac Services
Manager of ED Services

WestSound Orthopaedics

Patient Flow Case Study

"Orthopaedic doctors often have 2 to 4 patients in the office at once, some in x-ray, some in casting, and others who are in consultation with the physician. It is essential that the physicians and staff be aware of who is where and what stage each person is in with regard to evaluation and treatment."


More Case Studies

We created Versus Advantages™ to give hospitals, surgery centers and medical clinics real-time situational awareness. Our dashboards allow you to maintain an actionable understanding of:

With situational awareness, you’ll know when patients are waiting for an extended period of time, but also understand why. Use real-time key performance indicators to proactively respond to emerging issues, cutting response time, ensuring safety and saving money.


What are your key performance indicators? The Versus Advantages dashboard combines the metrics that matter most to you.

If you’re ready for real-time visibility into your operations, contact Versus today for a personalized RTLS demonstration.

Real gains in efficiency from real clients, thanks to real-time situational awareness

  • Reduced phone calls by 75%
  • Safely optimized staffing ratios from 2.5 RNs to 1 patient to 1 RN and 1 Aid to 4 patients
  • Decreased average room turnover time by 64%
  • Decreased average patient stay by up to 37%
  • Doubled patient volume

More ROI

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