PeaceHealth - Anesthesia Clinic

Springfield, Oregon

Learn how PeaceHealth’s Anesthesia Clinic achieves immediate patient rooming and other impressive workflow improvements with the Versus Advantages™ Clinic solution.

Installation Highlights

Knowing where to go and when helps PeaceHealth’s Anesthesia Clinic achieve:

  • Immediate patient rooming
    • One minute or less
    • Patients used to wait an hour or more before registration
  • Five minutes from registration completion to nurse arrival*
  • 8.6 minutes from nurse assessment complete to anesthesiologist arrival to see patient*

* From June-August 2009

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Case Study

Workflow Automation and Communication in the Anesthesia Clinic

With a greaseboard, light system and lots of paper, staff at the PeaceHealth Anesthesia Clinic experienced frustrations similar to those in the ED. There simply was no system that brought everything together for staff. That is, until they implemented the Versus Advantages™ system.

“Versus ties it all together for us,” says Claire Rozman, Anesthesia Clinic Manager. “I can sit in my office, as I am doing right now, and look at the activity that’s going on in my whole department. The Versus solution is priceless in regards to efficiency and the ability to save steps by seeing what’s going on.”

Rozman can see which nurses are where and with which patients. She knows if there are patients in the waiting room. She knows each patient’s length of stay. She can assess patient progression. Having real-time situational awareness allows Rozman to manage in the moment.

This information is available to all clinic staff: nurses, technicians, volunteers, physicians, and the hospital anesthesiologists. Rozman says, “One of the best parts about the system is that it allows us to communicate clinic status to the anesthesia group that works in a different hospital building. Before we had phones, so we could call for assistance, but it wasn’t an effective way to communicate clinic status. Now, status of all patients is known in real-time, all the time—without the need to pick up the phone.”

Anesthesiologists monitor the clinic using a custom acuity system that Versus created for PeaceHealth. Rozman explains, “When physicians from the anesthesia group come to assist the Clinic Physician of the Day, they can say, ‘Okay, I don’t have a lot of time before I need to be over to the OR, but I can see one patient.’ He can check the Versus Glance-and-Go™ boards to find a lower acuity patient that fits into his schedule.”

Versus Advantages™ helps clinical staff better manage the flow of a patient visit by displaying icons for each patient care step on virtual communication boards, which update automatically in real-time based on locations and interactions.

Glance-and-Go™ boards provide a real-time view of each step of a patient's visit.

Clinical staff always derives next steps from the Versus system, going from one patient to the next seamlessly. Rozman says, “All our staff really appreciate what the Versus system has to offer and that they don’t have to run around asking questions. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

According to Rozman, patients are intrigued with the system as well. “They always want to know, ‘How did the tech, or nurse, or doctor know to come in the room?’ The answer is, of course, we have Versus screens everywhere.”

About PeaceHealth

Sacred Heart Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals between Portland and San Francisco and a regional referral center serving as a Level II trauma center for an eight-county region. Key services for the nonprofit hospital include the Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute, Neurosciences Institute with a Gamma Knife Center, Gerontology Institute, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and specialized surgical services. Sacred Heart Medical Center has two campuses: RiverBend in Springfield, Oregon, and University District, located in neighboring Eugene, Oregon.