PeaceHealth - Labor & Delivery

Springfield, Oregon

The Labor & Delivery unit at PeaceHealth applies the principles of lean process management through Versus Advantages™ with a patient workflow solution that eliminates communication issues and allows staff to be more responsive to patients.

Installation Highlights

Crisis Situation:

  • During go-live, PeaceHealth had a serious post-partum hemorrhage followed rapidly by a second incident that required the post-partum hemorrhage cart. The staff involved in the first incident didn’t know about the second one and vice versa.


Versus: Ready for Action

  • With only hours of exposure to the Versus system, the technician’s first thought was to look on the Versus Glance-and-Go board. She quickly located and retrieved the cart from a patient room. Staff were able to react quickly, saving valuable time and much anxiety for all involved.
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Case Study

After months of functioning in their new, much larger Labor and Delivery (L&D) department and Mother Baby Unit (MBU), staff wanted additional visibility into these patient care areas. The environments, while spacious and quiet, presented many challenges.

  • Lack of visibility into four nursing areas created patient safety issues.
    • Impossible to know where doctors were and hard to find nurses.
  • Departments are large (2/3 of 5th floor); patients, staff and equipment are mobile.
    • Difficult to find patients, especially laboring moms, who were encouraged to walk to mitigate pain and encourage labor.
    • Needed to be able to find equipment quickly (e.g. Epi pumps).
  • Anesthesiologists had a hard time finding moms requiring an epidural.
    • Hard for nursing staff to know whether the epidural had been placed.
  • If a laboring mom (or nurse or other patient) walking the floor needed assistance, how would they know?
  • Difficult to know when services such as EKG were ordered, in progress or complete.
  • MBU serves as an overflow for peds and surgical.
    • Difficult to identify the patient type and discharge needs.
    • Difficult to locate pediatricians and neonatologists in other areas.

MBU and L&D staff were already aware of the Versus Advantages™ solution used in the Emergency Department (ED) to improve communication and patient flow. After touring the ED and seeing the intuitive, easy-to-read and automated virtual Glace-and-Go™ boards, MBU and L&D quickly identified what Versus Advantages™ could do for their respective departments: visualize patient and staff movement; eliminate communication problems related to episodes of care; and allow staff to be more responsive to patients.

They needed a patient flow and communication system that wouldn’t require excessive training. It had to be intuitive, and it had to solve their patient safety and awareness issues. PeaceHealth trusted Versus to provide this visibility and lean process management based on the efficiency and communication gains already experienced in the ED.

Image courtesy of PeaceHealth

Glance-and-Go™ boards provide a real-time view of staff, equipment and patient location, as well as the status of laboring moms in the Labor and Delivery unit. [Image courtesy of PeaceHealth]

Staff can now quickly locate one another and communicate patient status in real-time without having to physically search the floor or pick up the phone. Patients and staff can also call for assistance simply by pressing their badge button.

“The system is very intuitive. Everyone utilizes it,” says Becky Moore, RN. “There’s no way to explain what a difference it makes being able to communicate automatically via the virtual boards.”

About PeaceHealth

Sacred Heart Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals between Portland and San Francisco and a regional referral center serving as a Level II trauma center for an eight-county region. Key services for the nonprofit hospital include the Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute, Neurosciences Institute with a Gamma Knife Center, Gerontology Institute, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and specialized surgical services. Sacred Heart Medical Center has two campuses: RiverBend in Springfield, Oregon, and University District, located in neighboring Eugene, Oregon.