Versus RTLS Helps Stop Spread of MERS Virus

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When the first U.S. case of the deadly MERS virus arrived at Community Hospital in Munster, Ind., management didn’t have to guess at who came into contact with the contagious patient. Thanks to Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology from Versus, a quick report was one of several tools used to identify potential exposure.

Because staff at Community Hospital wear Versus RTLS badges as part of their automated Rauland-Borg nurse call system, the facility immediately knew who had come into contact with the contagious MERS patient and quickly put isolation procedures into place.

Dr. Alan Kumar, Chief Medical Information Officer at Community Hospital, told ABC 7 Chicago, “We can tell down to the second how long they were in contact with the patient, and how long they were in the room, and provide data to CDC.”

So how does it work? With Versus, interactions between all badge-wearing people (patients, staff, visitors, etc.) and tagged equipment are automatically recorded. Using reports from the facility’s integrated nurse call system, or the advanced Exposure Control reports in our Reports Plus™ Analytics software, a facility can know immediately who (and what equipment) was exposed, and even to what degree.

RTLS Exposure Reporting for Infection Control

By simply wearing Versus badges, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can automatically know who came into contact with a contagious patient. The Exposure Control report from Reports Plus™ Analytics (sample shown above), can be run in a matter of seconds, helping to quickly advance isolation procedures.

What can often be time-consuming and costly endeavor with plenty of guesswork is solved with a simple report. With Versus location data, a hospital or healthcare facility can easily locate, notify, test and treat only those who came into contact with the contagion — as well as direct disinfection efforts to the rooms and equipment exposed.

Versus’ RTLS enhances several aspects of healthcare safety, including infection control, hand hygiene monitoring, the safety of staff, as well as patient workflow optimization, proactively communicating wait time/alone time, patient status and more.

Thankfully, with skilled care from Community Hospital staff, the MERS patient continues to improve. Kudos to them and to Versus System Integrator Communications Company of South Bend, who installed Community’s Versus RTLS, helping to enhance the safety of both patients and caregivers!

To learn more about the data RTLS can provide, download our Reports Plus Analytics brochure, or request our sample reports.

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