Safer Patients, Better Care: Help with ECRI Institute’s Patient Safety Concerns

Each year, the ECRI Institute publishes an informative list of their Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns to inform healthcare organizations of safety issues that may be affecting their practices. By gaining visibility into these problems, healthcare organizations can develop solutions to improve safety protocols and provide a better patient experience.

At Versus, everything we do is focused on improving the delivery the quality care while enhancing patient satisfaction. Key components in this mission are staff safety and workflow process improvement. Two of the ten safety concerns presented by ECRI directly relate to our work in these areas. Here’s how we use intelligent software solutions powered by real-time locating system (RTLS) technology to address ECRI’s concerns:

Safety Concern #8: Behavioral Health Issues in Non-Behavioral-Health Settings

“Unmet behavioral health needs can cause hostile or aggressive behavior, which can frighten or frustrate staff, especially if they lack training or support. Patients and staff can be injured, sometimes seriously…Behavioral emergency response teams, which staff can call when a patient’s behavior becomes agitated or threatening, can be implemented to support early assessment and response.”

How Versus Helps:

With Visibility™ Staff Assist, organizations can take a proactive approach to staff safety. Caregivers can immediately summon emergency response teams to their exact location if patient hostility or aggression occurs. In case of emergency, they simply push the call button on their Versus badge to signal for help, immediately notifying the emergency response team of their location.

Although implementing Staff Assist won’t eliminate violence in your facility, it will provide your staff with an easy and immediate way to call for help. In fact, Versus customer Trinitas Regional Medical Center was featured in a Joint Commission Leading Practice Library study about workplace violence for their success with Staff Assist.

Safety Concern #10: Inadequate Organization Systems or Processes to Improve Safety and Quality

ECRI Institute recommends that organizations “be proactive rather than waiting until a patient is harmed. Proactive strategies can be used to examine processes, identify what can go wrong, and make the process less vulnerable to error before mistakes can occur. Strong preventive strategies, such as standardization and automation, should be explored.”

How Versus Helps:

Versus provides workflow automation solutions and expertise to help organizations make improvements in efficiency, productivity and safety. In addition to Staff Assist, several Versus solutions can help with this concern:

  • Visibility™ Rounding Alert notifies staff when nurse rounding is due, improving time management and communication, ultimately enhancing patient safety.
  • Advantages™ Asset Management automates the replenishment of vital mobile assets such as IV pumps to reduce delays to patient care.
  • Advantages™ ED, OR and Clinic patient flow solutions automate workflow and communication in the moment, improving the efficiency of care. Through historical reporting, these solutions also allow enterprises to identify where there are operational bottlenecks and needs for process improvement.

Beyond the solutions we provide, Versus also has clinical and lean consulting experts on staff to partner with you in your process improvement initiatives.

Do these concerns resonate with your organization? Rest assured that with some investments in strategy and process, you can adopt a more proactive approach to safety, resulting in a safer, better patient experience. If you need a partner for process improvement, Contact Versus today.

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