asset tracking

Asset Tracking

Entry-level Locating for Hospitals & Healthcare

An average hospital can lose $4,000 per day in lost wages due to time spent searching for mobile medical equipment, not to mention the over-procurement of assets to ensure availability. Realize quick ROI with RTLS asset tracking.

Sentara Healthcare

24x7 Asset Tracking Article

“With Versus, we receive very accurate location reports, down to the room-level, without spending time and resources monitoring and recalibrating the RTLS.”

Stephanie Middleton
Manager of Information Technology

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When you choose Versus Visibility™ Asset Tracking, you reap the benefits of 20+ years proven success in tracking healthcare assets:

  • Easy-to-use interface available to both biomed & clinical staff
  • Durable, moisture- and chemical-resistant tags
  • Advanced eXtended Life technology for increased tag battery life
  • Low battery alerts and system maintenance tools included
  • Ability to add multiple applications for increased ROI

Leverage your existing Cisco® Wi-Fi network

  • Track assets campus-wide across your enterprise
  • Gain complete visibility into your entire fleet, no matter where the equipment goes


Add Accuracy Where You Need It with Minimal Hardware

  • Achieve room-level accuracy with a low-cost, low-maintenance sensory network
  • Eliminate, not narrow, your searches for equipment
  • Evaluate purchasing requests using accurate, unbiased data on how often existing equipment is used for patient care
Enterprise View™

Visibility™ Asset Tracking, combined with our Asset Net™ leverages your existing Cisco Wi-Fi network for campus-wide visibility, and our proprietary infrared (IR) technology for room-level locating where you need it. Our Asset Tracking List View displays the location of all tagged assets, and includes a search function to quickly locate the desired asset.

Looking for automated alerts for low inventory levels, out of date preventive maintenance, or recall items? Consider our comprehensive Advantages™ Asset Management suite.

If you’re tired of searching for lost equipment, request an asset tracking demo today.

Real ROI realized through asset tracking:

  • Saved $250,000 on purchasing by finding existing, unused equipment
  • Reduced time to find equipment from 45-60 minutes to mere minutes
  • Increased preventative maintenance rates on assets to 98-99th percentile
  • Able to remove recalled pumps from patient care in minutes

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