Visibility Resident Care

Scalable Safety System for Quality Care

Enhance the safety and security of your assisted living, long-term care or senior living residents, all while helping to maintain their mobility, independence and dignity.

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Kingston Healthcare

Resident Care Case Study

“[Versus gives us] information on who is in which locations, who is providing care to which residents, in which rooms at what times. My managers know, not only how fast the call was being answered, but who was answering it.”

Kent Libbe Vice President and CFO
Kingston Healthcare

Sprucedale Care Centere

McKnight’s Long-term Care Article

“As you can imagine, locating technology is a huge help with wandering residents. For those at risk, we program their badge to send an alert when they walk out of an approved area. With this feature, we've never had a resident wander away from our facility. In the same manner, we can use RTLS to alert us if an aggressive resident wanders into another resident's room, helping to prevent potential abuse.”

Bev Ripley, Administrator

Traverse Victorian Senior Living & Water’s Edge Assisted Living

Senior Living News Release

“The minute we turned on the system, we were more efficient. It was really easy for my staff to learn. Now they aren’t running around tracking down resident calls, looking for other staff members or for lifts. From the week before to the week after, the difference was amazing. Now we have a much calmer environment.”

Deb Banton, Administrator

Oatfield Estates

Elder Care Case Study

A high-tech retirement home in suburban Portland, Oregon, received the attention of The Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio, and USA Today. Read what their reporters discovered about Oatfield Estates’ system by Elite Care integrated with RTLS technology from Versus.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Your Home

Visibility™ Resident Care, using Real-time Locating System (RTLS) technology, is designed to help caregivers provide efficient, high-quality care through reliable reporting, while giving residents and staff the ability to call for help from any location.

More than a resident call system, we provide features and data to help:

  • Grant residents freedom & mobility while enhancing safety
  • Give staff the ability to call for assistance without leaving a resident’s side
  • Find residents and staff at a glance
  • Automatically notify staff when a resident enters a restricted area, helping to protect those who may wander
  • Quickly view performance metrics using 20 standard reports (response times, resident activity, etc.)
  • Efficiently research resident and family inquiries regarding care
  • Determine proper staffing through time management studies
  • Limit the impact of outbreaks of flu or other illnesses by monitoring interactions between residents

LTC screens

If you’re ready to enlist technology for quality improvement in your assisted living, long-term care or senior living facility, request a demonstration today.

Real results from numerous facilities just like yours

  • Eliminate endless searching for residents and staff
  • Minimize overhead paging
  • Identify interactions for safety and infection control
  • Reduce time spent searching for equipment
  • Control access to restricted areas
  • Allow caregivers to stay focused on the most important task—delivering high-quality care

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