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Bed Management

Eliminate manual data entry, gain visibility

Do you walk the halls to see if beds are available for patients? Manually enter status into the bed management system? Call back and forth to bed patients? Let our RTLS bed management system do it all for you — automatically.

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Memorial Hospital Miramar

Hospital Bed Management Case

"With real-time communication, there’s no phone calls, no searching, no waiting. [Versus’ bed management system] works very well for us."

Sharon Boothe-O’Connor
Senior Systems Analyst

“I called another local hospital which recently implemented a different bed management system to find out what their room turnover times were. They can’t even find out what their cleaning times were. They were very impressed with our Versus system. Very impressed. It really is amazing.”

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By tracking patients with IR-RFID badges, Versus Advantages™ Bed Management automates bed status based on patient location. With the real-time visibility provided by RTLS, our bed management system:

  • Knows when a patient is out of his room for tests or X-rays, and holds the bed automatically
  • Knows when a patient is discharged and automatically notifies environmental services to expedite bed turnover
  • Knows when environmental services staff have completed work, and automatically marks the room as available
  • Integrates easily with any EMR system such as Epic, Cerner, MediTech, etc. to update patient bed assignments/transfers

Like typical bed management systems, Versus Advantages shows all beds and special notations, such as isolation or gender information. However, bed status is automatically updated — with zero manual entry.

In addition to rules-based automation, hospital staff can also reserve and request rooms, or mark rooms “unavailable.”

Enterprise View™ Beds

Reduce time spent wondering what patient beds are open and available with the Versus Bed Management RTLS solution for real-time bed status.

If you want to reduce bed turnover times and boarding in your hospital, request a demo of our bed management system today.

Real results from automated bed management

  • Reduced bed turnover times by 75 min. per day per bed
  • Achieved average time from patient discharge to bed ready of 1 hour, 8 minutes (72-86% improvement over the average hospital)
  • Saved $17,640 during a 6-month period in reduced bed rentals alone
  • Reduced instances of boarding in the Emergency Department

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