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Critical Access

Accurate, Unbiased Data for CMS Reimbursement

Stop the guessing games. Stop under-reporting. Get properly reimbursed. Know exactly how much time your physicians spend in (and out of) direct patient care with the Versus Real-time Locating System (RTLS).

Mackinac Straits Hospital

Critical Access Case Study

“With Versus, we know automatically where doctors and nurses are. It’s concrete. The reports give us something to back up our reimbursement requests.”

Jason Anderson, CFO

“It’s one less piece of documentation we have to worry about.”

Cindy Donajkowski, RN
Chief Nursing Officer

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Thanks to your hospital’s Critical Access status, the Emergency Department is open 24/7. Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) reimburses you for the time your ED physicians aren’t with patients. But how do you track that time? Are you sure you’re getting appropriately reimbursed?

With Versus Visibility™ Critical Access, you no longer have to rely on inconvenient time studies that may not be representative of your typical patient load.

When your physicians wear a Versus badge, a time study is conducted at all times, automatically behind the scenes, noting the time spent in and out of patient care areas.

And, with selected reports from our Reports Plus™ Analytics software, it’s never been easier to meet your CMS billing requirements.

As part of our Critical Access package, you’ll also have real-time location data just a glance away. Our Enterprise View™ List allows your staff to immediately locate anyone wearing a Versus badge.

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If you’re ready to get accurately reimbursed for your physicians’ time, request a demo today of our Critical Access solution.

Real results for Critical Access Hospital reimbursement

  • Continuously and accurately record physician time in patient care
  • Easily provide CMS with documented proof for reimbursement
  • End the inconvenient, inaccurate time studies
  • Increase efficiency with real-time location data

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