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Improve Emergency Department Patient Flow

Eliminate time-consuming walking surveys, overhead paging, phone tag and interruptions. Improve efficiency and create a calmer, quieter emergency room with RTLS patient flow automation.

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ED Patient Flow Case Study

"With Versus, we’re able to automatically communicate when the patient’s ready to be seen by the physician, when the physician has orders and when the patient is ready for discharge. It’s been a very helpful communication tool."

Joy Cresci
Emergency Department Director

"We sometimes have 30 to 40 patients in the ED at one time. Really, I cannot even fathom keeping up with that on a grease board. Now, with Versus, information just flows automatically—and it’s up-to-date."

Marvin Hammerschmith
Regional Analyst

Columbus Regional Hospital

Hospital-Wide Case Study

“The remote floorplan provides a very important visual of the unit, especially when things are very chaotic. It is a great management tool for knowing where your resources are and redirecting when needed. Our patient satisfaction has been boosted tremendously by the 15 minute alert that a patient has not yet seen by a nurse. This assures that we always connect with every patient and address their needs and concerns.”

Kerry Skurka
Manager of ED Services

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According to the American Hospital Association, the top causes of poor patient flow are communications and visibility of data. Versus Advantages™ ED addresses these issues directly.

By tracking patients and caregivers with IR-RFID badges, need-to-know information is automatically communicated and visible throughout your emergency department:

  • Where patients are and how long they’ve been waiting
  • Patient acuity and special risks (e.g. infectious disease)
  • Patient status (ready to be seen, with physician, labs pending, etc.)
  • Room/bed status (available, assigned, in need of cleaning)
  • Where patients, physicians and nurses should go next
  • Where bottlenecks are causing delays
Enterprise View™

Versus Enterprise View™ provides quick access to critical patient information. These customizable electronic “grease boards” are shown on large-screen monitors and also on individual workstations.

Plus, benchmarking data is kept for historical analysis so you can easily run reports and benchmark on patient care milestones:

  • Wait times
  • Door to triage
  • Door to doctor
  • Length of stay
  • And much more

Do you want to master patient flow in your emergency department? Contact Versus today.

Real results through improved emergency room efficiency:

  • Increased bed availability in ED, generating at least $178,120 annually
  • Reduced ED wait times by 63% to apx. 20 minutes
  • Reduced overall length of stay by up to 37%
  • Reduced “left without being seen” rate from 2.75% to less than .05%
  • Increased cash collections by 45% through badge return process

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