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Hand Hygiene Safety

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Of course you know that proper hand hygiene is the first and best line of defense in controlling hospital-acquired infections. Help increase hand hygiene compliance at your facility and automatically document your success using RTLS.

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Hand Hygiene Study

At one of the nation’s top hospitals, hand hygiene awareness campaigns and direct observation met with only temporary success.

The hospital observed a "Hawthorne Effect" — hand hygiene behavior was only temporarily modified. When staff knew people were watching, they were more conscious of proper hand washing. But when observation ended, staff slowly slid back into bad habits.

When we partnered with this hospital as part of a Joint Commission safety project to trial our hand hygiene compliance technology, our goal was to overcome the Hawthorne Effect and achieve more sustained behavioral modification.

By monitoring hand hygiene in real-time, all the time, and sharing results with staff in the form of peer comparisons, we succeeded. Hand hygiene improved by more than 100%.

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Can you afford to continue estimating compliance?

According to the most recent data from the CDC, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) accounted for 722,000 infections and approximately 75,000 deaths in 2011.

Most of these are preventable by proper hand washing, yet direct observation, self-reporting and surveys are notoriously unreliable in measuring hand hygiene compliance.

Real-time hand hygiene participation monitoring

Versus Advantages™ Hand Hygiene Safety technology removes the "estimation game" and provides accurate, unbiased data.

By monitoring hand hygiene participation in real-time, all the time, we give caregivers and infection control managers the data they need to foster a culture of safety and accountability.

When you monitor participation with RTLS, you can:

  • Know the who, when and where details on dispenser use
  • Allow caregivers to see how their participation rates against peers
  • Report compliant/non-compliant percentages by unit or individual
  • Automatically monitor compliance rates and trending in real-time
  • Automatically document improvements in compliance over time
Hand Hygiene Safety

Versus Advantages™ Hand Hygiene Safety software gives infection control managers the data they need to improve hand hygiene participation.

If you’re ready to implement a hand hygiene program that helps achieve real and lasting results, contact us today.

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Real results from our hand hygiene trials

  • 40,000 hand hygiene events monitored in real-time during a 16-week study
  • Hand hygiene compliance improved by more than 100%
  • Upward compliance trends identified by RTLS directly corresponded to increase in soap and sanitizer usage

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