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Nurse Call Automation

Automatic Call Cancellation for Nurse Call Systems

Five out of the top six nurse call systems integrate with RTLS location data to improve efficiency while enhancing patient care. Choose the RTLS vendor that provides data to 80% of all automated nurse call systems.

As the location information provider to more than 80% of automated nurse call systems, we’ve learned a few things.

In order for location information to be useful for Nurse Call (or any application that requires automation of an event), it must be:

  • Granular — Room-level accuracy is necessary. Bed-level locating offers additional functionality.
  • Timely — Updates every 3 seconds are ideal; more than 10 seconds is considered insufficient.
  • Reliable — Location is consistently determined and reported.

Versus initially established the viability of real-time locating in the healthcare market via its integration with nurse call systems to automate nurse registry and call cancellation.

Today, five out of the top six nursecall systems integrate location-related data, including:

  • Rauland
  • Ascom/GE
  • SimplexGrinnell
  • Jeron
  • TekTone
  • West-Com

In Nurse Call Automation applications, Versus badges are worn by caregivers with each badge programmed to a certain care level (e.g., RN, LPN, etc.).

When the nurse enters a patient’s room, the correct nurse present light (for example, blue=RN, red=LPN) turns on, and the patient call light turns off. Upon exit, Versus automatically turns off the light indicating the caregiver is no longer present.

Nurse Call Automation also keeps a log of all interactions between patients and staff members available through your Nurse Call software.

As a result, department managers can accurately and objectively:

  • Measure time spent with patients
  • Identify potential staffing bottlenecks
  • Assess response times to patient calls
  • Produce data to counter patient complaints on response times
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Versus frees nurses from doing mundane tasks, such as manually cancelling patient calls, so they can spend more time in direct patient care.

If you’re ready to provide a tool to nurses that helps them be more efficient and focus on patient care, contact Versus today.

"With data collected by virtue of the Versus solution, we were able to analyze how long it takes to answer a patient call. With this baseline data, operations developed a new ‘hourly rounds’ process. Now, we can run a report every month and every floor can compare themselves to the baseline data. Response times have improved by 5% to 12%"

Steve Willis
Clinical Applications System Analyst
PeaceHealth System Services
Springfield, Oregon

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