Rounding alert

Rounding Alert

A Powerful Tool for Nursing Time Management

Patient satisfaction scores have never been more important than in today’s healthcare environment. A patient’s perception of care can ultimately impact your hospital or healthcare facility’s reimbursements. One established way to improve satisfaction is nurse rounding. Automate rounding alerts and documentation with RTLS.

Columbus Regional Hospital

Emergency Department Case Study

"Our patient satisfaction has been boosted tremendously by the 15 minute alert that a patient has not yet seen by a nurse. This assures that we always connect with every patient and address their needs and concerns."

Kerry Skurka, Manager of ED Services

"Our patients tell us that they are very satisfied with the direct access that they have to their nurse because of the new [RTLS] technology that the nurse call system provides."

Cheri Goll, CNO, DON

Pacific Medical Centers

Clinic Case Study

"Having a tool like this is essential to our patient safety and satisfaction goals."

Linda Eremic, RN
Former Director
Primary Care and Shared Services

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Improve Patient Safety & Satisfaction

Research shows that patient rounding increases safety and improves patient satisfaction — key components of HCAHPS and other patient satisfaction scores. Rounding Alert Option helps nurses manage their intentional rounding routines among their many other daily duties.

Automated, Hands-Free Communication

Nurses in emergency departments, clinics, perioperative areas and inpatient floors can all benefit from this automated, hands-free tool that:

  • Monitors and communicates when rounding is due
  • Improves time management
  • Automates communication among staff to enhance teamwork
room rounding log

To enable rounding, Versus Glance-and-Go™ boards automatically indicate when rounding is due with color-coded cues. The system can also send alerts via computer message, pager or e-mail.

Automatically Document Rounding

Add Reports Plus™ Analytics to your Versus system and you’ll not only know when rounding is due, you’ll also automatically document rounds.

Our “Room Rounding Log” verifies and supports the care your nurses provide, and can protect staff from patient complaints that they haven’t been checked on.

Real clients, real ROI

  • Achieved 91% "excellent" patient satisfaction scores
  • Improved emergency department wait times by 75%
  • Decreased average patient stay by up to 37%

More ROI

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