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Improve Your Operating Room Efficiency

Whether you run a hospital surgical department or an ambulatory surgery center, you know efficiency is key to physician, staff and patient satisfaction. Create efficiency through visibility by tracking patients throughout their surgical visit with RTLS.

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Hospital Operating Room Case Study

“Knowing where staff is allows the OR to quickly adjust and find the right resource if one staff member needs a break or there’s been an add-on surgery, but someone’s out and needs to be replaced.”

Donna Woelfel, MSN, RN, BC
Clinical Applications Manager

Avera Surgery Center

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“In general [Versus] makes us more efficient, and efficiency equals greater safety.”

Kimberlee McKay, MD
Gynecological Surgeon

“It just gives [patients] a feeling of control … it gives them an opportunity to see what's happening. It gives us an opportunity to run a more efficient process, because we always know where they are, too.”

Daren Smith
Outpatient Services Director

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Your staff works hard to coordinate an inherently fluctuating surgery schedule. Balancing shorter and longer cases, elective and emergent patients, and the schedules of MAs, RNs, anesthesiologists, circulators, and surgeons can often result in a chaotic environment.

Control the chaos with the Versus Advantages™ OR patient flow system. By tracking patient and caregiver interaction with IR-RFID badges, you’ll know at a glance:

  • Where patients are and how long they’ve been waiting
  • Patient status (waiting for anesthesia, in surgery, post-op, etc.)
  • Room/bed status (available, assigned, in need of cleaning)
  • Where patients, physicians and caregivers should go next
  • Where bottlenecks are causing delays

Our patient flow software improves operating room efficiency by:

  • Automatically communicating need-to-know information to both staff and waiting families
  • Enabling staff to anticipate physician needs through increased situational awareness
  • Tracking case starts, room utilization and procedure times
  • Automating data entry through healthcare systems integration
  • Providing historical analytics for continual process improvement
  • Giving team leaders the knowledge to make real-time workflow and staffing adjustments
Enterprise View™

Versus Enterprise View™ provides quick access to critical patient information. These customizable electronic “grease boards” are shown on large-screen monitors and also on individual workstations.

If you’re ready to control chaos and improve efficiency in your operating room with RTLS, contact Versus today.

Real results through improved operating room efficiency:

  • Hand surgery post-op time down 13 minutes
  • Overall Length of Stay for GI procedures down 12 minutes
  • Overall Length of Stay for cataract surgeries down 4 minutes
  • Safely optimized staffing from 2.5 RNs to 1 patient to 1 RN, 1 Aid to 4 patients

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