Technology Overview

Multiple-Platform Approach to Enterprise Locating

Discover healthcare’s most advanced real-time locating system, including infrared and Wi-Fi RTLS technology. As a clinical location, automation and awareness tool, Versus supports the work you do with patients. Find out how.

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What is RTLS?

Think of RTLS as GPS for the indoors—a system that displays the real-time locations of people and things on a floor plan of a building, or in a list. At Versus, we take location information a step further, combining it with a powerful business intelligence engine to automate workflows, optimize operations, and improve the patient experience.

Your Choice of RTLS Platforms — Wi-Fi, Wireless or Wired

Got Cisco? Leverage your existing Wi-Fi network for enterprise visibility. Need room-level accuracy or better? Add our discreet wireless or wired infrared (IR) sensors where you need clinical workflow automation, par-level asset management and resource optimization. This scalable, multiple-platform approach gives your healthcare organization the freedom to choose the technology that best fits your needs and add accuracy as needed.


Accuracy Where You Need It with Minimal Hardware

The typical Wi-Fi RTLS attempts to add room-level accuracy with multiple pieces of hardware for every room. Versus is the only RTLS that allows you to add care-level accuracy using just a single, discrete sensor in each location.


Room Level

  • Par-level asset management
  • Asset utilization reporting
  • Room status
  • Nurse call registry and call cancellation
  • Patient visit progression
  • Room turnaround reports
  • Nurse rounding alerts and reports

Bed Level

  • Inpatient management
  • Patient to staff assignment
  • Equipment assignment to patient
  • Caregiver interaction / infection control reporting

Chair Level

Particularly important for:

  • Observation units
  • Dialysis patient management
  • Infusion therapy management

Chair-level locating provides treatment time and very precise infection control reporting.

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Chair-Level Locating Live at:

Bay/Bed-level Locating Live at:

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