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Located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, near the shores of Grand Traverse Bay, Versus is dedicated to making healthcare safer and more efficient through scalable, enterprise-wide solutions.

Established in 1988, Versus Technology, Inc. improves patient flow and asset management while enhancing communication and operational efficiency. As a member of the Midmark family, Versus contributes to a unique offering of clinical workflow solutions that encompass consulting services, RTLS technology, medical equipment, diagnostic devices and design assistance that helps health systems rethink the delivery of care.

Dedicated to making healthcare safer and more efficient through location and rules-based automation, our solutions foster improved care giving and ultimately set a new standard in healthcare. We achieve this through our state-of-the-art software and locating technology, and with the support of our expert consulting services.

Versus’ comprehensive software suites facilitate alert messaging and event automation, real-time and historical reporting, as well as integration to virtually all healthcare information systems. Our systems allow this data to be applied to operational improvements that produce measurable results.

In April 2016, Versus Technology, Inc. was acquired by Midmark Corporation, a provider of outpatient workflow solutions.

In November 2016, Practica Healthcare Consulting, a division of Midmark Corporation, was integrated into the Versus Professional Services organization. Now the consulting arm of Versus, this experienced team of former clinical and operations leaders helps to further the mission of Versus, using both RTLS technology and proven change management techniques.

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Clinic Nurse Call Automation
Asset Management Staff Assist
Operating Room Companion
Emergency Department    
Bed Management    
Hand Hygiene Safety    
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What are our customers saying?

“The Versus real-time locating solution helped us design our clinic to increase patient flow by 35 to 40 percent and double net revenue projections.”

Brett Daniel, MD, Medical Director
Pacific Medical Centers
Canyon Park Clinic

"I was really impressed with Versus. With most vendors, you expect that when you say ‘Go’ they’re going to want to start installing immediately and move on to the next sale. Versus wasn’t like that.

Understanding our desired outcomes and immediate and long-term goals was very important to Versus’ implementation process."

Richard Constantineau
Manager of Biomedical Engineering
Anne Arundel Medical Center
Annapolis, MD

"We chose Versus because of its great versatility."

Jo M. Wilson
VP, Ancillary Support Operations
Western Maryland Health System Cumberland, MD

"Versus ties it all together for us. I can sit in my office, as I am doing right now, and look at the activity that’s going on in my whole department. The Versus solution is priceless in regards to efficiency and the ability to save steps by seeing what’s going on."

Claire Rozman
Anesthesia Clinic Manager
Sacred Heart Anesthesia Clinic
PeaceHealth, Springfield, OR

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